Project Profiles

JDW Sugar Mills Limited, Pakistan

During the middle of 2010 Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration Pty Ltd were commissioned by  JDW Sugar Mills Limited to supply and install three items of plant breeding equipment, at two different sites in Pakistan.

These items of equipment are vital to a long term sugar cane crop improvement project being undertaken by JDW Sugar Mills.

The three items of equipment are:
1.    A germination chamber, installed at
       JDW Unit 1 Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab, Pakistan.
2.    A photo period facility at the new Makli Hills
       Sugar Cane Breeding Station, Sindh, Pakistan.
3.    A seed packing and storage chamber, also installed at Makli Hills.

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Barramundi Gardens, Julatten

This rapid freezing tunnel was designed and constructed to work alongside an Automated Spring Roll Production Machine. The freezer tunnel consists of an oscillating delivery belt, a 4 four tier conveyor system, storage hopper, lifting conveyor, blast freezer evaporator, insulated enclosure, control panel and supporting frames. The product is feed into the tunnel via the oscillating conveyor for a high air velocity four pass freezing cycle of 35 minutes. The system is designed to freeze 2500 spring rolls per hour and the tiered system ensures the spring rolls are flipped during the freezing process for even cooling.

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Blenner's Transport Depot, Cairns

Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration Pty Ltd were commissioned to supply and install all of the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning requirements for the new Blenner’s Transport, Cairns Depot. This project was awarded on a design and construct basis, where all of the required engineering was carried out in house by the experienced and professional engineering team.

The Refrigeration System selected for this project features CO² refrigeration for this low temperature freezer rooms. CO² is a natural refrigerant with many environmental benefits.

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Blenner's Transport Depot, Innisfail

The refrigeration for this project is provided by the Jackson and Jackson Refrigeration High Enforcing Produce Cooling System. These systems provide a variable refrigeration capacity to cater for periods of high refrigeration load, during the initial cooling of the produce and the lower refrigeration capacities required for simply holding the produce at the correct temperature. This allows for the refrigeration capacity to be matched to the cooling load required at all times. A Danfoss, Variable Frequency Drive and a Danfoss Pressure Transmitter were employed to achieve these results.

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Bureau of Sugar Experimentation Stations (BSES), Meringa

Bureau of Sugar Experimentation Stations (BSES) has a large sugar cane research facility located near Meringa, just north of the small township of Gordonvale in Far North Queensland. Many specialised experiments are carried out at this facility, with particular focus on the improvement of production within the Sugar Industry in Queensland.

One of the specialised facilities at this site is the Photo Period Facility (PPF) This facilities Key function is to control and simulate external weather conditions in the small confines of a chamber. Jackson & Jackson constructed the first PPF in 1986, construction was ordered for and a further two units in 2000 and 2006.

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Target Country, Mareeba

The Far North Queensland Township of Mareeba, located on the Atherton Tablelands was elected as the site for a Target Country Retail Outlet. Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration Pty Ltd were awarded both the Mechanical Services and Electrical Services contract for the project. This was a Design and Construct Project with detail provided in the form of a New Store Brief. A customised Mechanical Services Installation was designed to suit the building by the Installation Team. An Electrical Installation was designed to suit the Target Design Brief.

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Gallo Farming, Atherton

The Far North Queensland Township of Atherton, located on the Atherton Tablelands is home to Gallo Farming, a large Dairy Farming operation. During 2006 a project to construct a cheese and chocolate production facility was commenced. This facility is located adjacent to the existing dairy which provides the milk requirements of the factory.

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Johnstone Shire Hall, Innisfail

The Johnstone Shire Hall Project involved the installation of Mechanical Services for a Queensland Heritage Registered Art Deco building originally constructed between 1935 and 1938.  The building serves as the main office for the Cassowary Coast Regional Council and as the Town Hall.  The building extensively refurbished after damage caused by Cyclone Larry, where the roof was torn away, windows blown in and severe water penetration causing damaged to finishes, fittings and furniture.

The installed systems were designed in-house by the team at Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration Pty Ltd to comply with the strict Heritage Register requirements.

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K-Mart, Innisfail

Through the Head Building Contractor, Jackson & Jackson were awarded the contract to provide Mechanical Services for this project. The Air Conditioning for this project consisted of five large Air Conditioning Plants, five smaller Air Conditioning Systems for the K-Mart tenancy One Air Conditioning System for a smaller tenancy. Four large air conditioning systems provide cooling for the main trading floor and one large air conditioning system is employed to cool the stock reserve area within the K-Mart store.

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Government Offices, Mareeba

This contract marks the largest project ever completed by Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration Pty Ltd.  The value of the contract is well in excess of $3M AUD and includes Electrical Services, Electronic Services and Mechanical Services, including Refrigeration.

The project involved the complete stripping and refurbishment of approximately 4000 m² of existing government office and laboratory space.  

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PFD Food Services, Cairns

Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration Pty Ltd were awarded the contract to supply and install Commercial Refrigeration equipment for the Cairns depot of PFD Food Services.  

The refrigerated cold store has a capacity of approximately 200 pallet spaces of chiller and 800 pallet spaces of freezer.  

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Piccones Supa IGA, Edmonton

Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration Pty Ltd were awarded the contract to supply and install the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems for the Piccones Supa IGA, Edmonton store.  

The Refrigeration System features many cold rooms and display cases in both medium (2°C) and low (-18°C) temperature.
This system features Bock Refrigeration Compressors mounted in four rack systems.  

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Torres Strait Primary Health Care Centres

During 2007 Queensland Health constructed and commissioned two Primary Health Care Centres on Warrabah and Erub within the Torres Strait, Far North Queensland.  These facilities replaced existing Health Care Centres in each of these communities. 

Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration Pty Ltd were awarded to provide the Mechanical Services, Electrical Services and Electronic Services for this project.  

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