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K-Mart, Innisfail

K-Mart decided to commission a new retail outlet in Innisfail in Tropical Far North Queensland in 2005. This store is housed in a new, purpose built, structure with K-Mart as the major tenant and three smaller tenancies also included.

Through the Head Building Contractor, Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration Pty Ltd were awarded the contract to provide the Mechanical Services for this project.  The Air Conditioning for this project consisted of five large Air Conditioning Plants, five smaller Air Conditioning Systems for the K-Mart tenancy and one Air Conditioning System for a smaller tenancy.  Four large air conditioning systems provide cooling for the main trading floor.  One large air conditioning system is employed to cool the stock reserve area within the K-Mart store.

The electrical supply for all of the mechanical services plant originates from the custom built mechanical services switchboard. All of the electrical services associated with the mechanical contract were carried out in-house.  The mechanical services contract included a BMS system with controls many functions within the K-Mart tenancy, including all of the air conditioning, some of the lighting and the automatic generator test function.

All of the smoke spill fans, exhaust fans and fresh air introduction were supplied and installed by Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration Pty Ltd. The final smoke test for this project was conducted by our project team.

The project was completed within a tight time frame and the warranty period passed with no major difficulties.

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