Project Profiles

Johnstone Shire Hall, Innisfail

The Johnstone Shire Hall Project involved the installation of Mechanical Services for a Queensland Heritage Registered Art Deco building originally constructed between 1935 and 1938. The building extensively refurbished after damage caused by Cyclone Larry, where the roof was torn away, windows blown in and severe water penetration causing damaged to finishes, fittings and furniture.

The installed systems were designed in-house by t he team at Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration Pty Ltd to comply with the strict Heritage Register requirements.

The hall area has four large split ducted air conditioning systems installed with spiral supply air ductwork.  The supply air registers for the hall are integrated with the drapes in the archways on the sides of the hall.  All of the outside units for this building are located in the basement.

There are two floors of office space, both of which are served by high efficiency VRV (variable refrigerant volume) systems and multiple indoor fan coil units.  This results in air conditioning which delivers the lowest possible energy consumption and a lower carbon footprint than conventional air conditioning systems.

These systems were designed in-house by the team at Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration Pty Ltd and comply with the strict heritage requirements for this project.

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