Project Profiles

JDW Sugar Mills Limited, Pakistan

During the middle of 2010 Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration Pty Ltd were commissioned by JDW Sugar Mills Limited to supply and install three items of plant breeding equipment, at two different sites in Pakistan.

These items of equipment are vital to a long term sugar cane crop improvement project being undertaken by JDW Sugar Mills.

The three items of equipment are:
1. A germination chamber, installed at JDW Unit 1 Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab, Pakistan.
2. A photo period facility at the new Makli Hills Sugar Cane Breeding Station, Sindh, Pakistan.
3. A seed packing and storage chamber, also installed at Makli Hills.

Germination Chamber

Installed at Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab, Pakistan.

The germination chamber is constructed from cold room panel and will be used to germinate and grow sugar cane plants from seed.  This chamber is fitted with approximately 40 Gro-Lux fluorescent tubes to simulate sunlight.  Shelving has been provided for the seed trays and reverse cycle refrigeration is fitted to provide heating and cooling as required to maintain the required temperature in the chamber.

Photo Period Facility

Installed at Makli Hills, Sindh, Pakistan.

A large three chamber photo period facility has been supplied and installed at the new Makli Hills Sugar Cane Breeding Station.  This photo period facility allows for the sugar cane to grow and flower within an environment of fully controlled day length.  This facility is equipped with three chambers and trains.  Irrigation is provided to the trains during the day by means of irrigation couplers at the end of each track.
Each chamber is provided with roller shutters to allow each train to be fully enclosed which can provide either a lit, or unlit condition.  Lighting is installed to simulate sunlight as required.

Each chamber is fitted with two industrial ceiling-mount fans to provide air movement within the chamber.  Each chamber is also fitted with reverse cycle air conditioning to maintain a set temperature within the chamber, once the roller shutter is closed.

Each train is fitted with a winching system to allow the train to be hauled out, or in of the chamber as required.  This facility is also fitted with a 40kva UPS (uninterrupted power supply) to provide constant, clean power to the facility.
An 80kva generating set has also been supplied and installed to both charge and UPS batteries and provide power to the sit in general.

Seed Packing Chamber

Installed at Makli Hills, Sindh, Pakistan.

A seed packing chamber has been supplied and installed at the new Makli Hills Sugar Cane Breeding Station.
This facility features two chambers, both of which are indentical in size.  The first chamber is the seed packing chamber where the sugar cane seed is stripped from the sugar cane flowers, then marked and placed into drying bags.  This chamber is fitted with stainless steel work benches and power outlets.
The second chamber is the seed drying chamber where the bags of sugar cane seed are dried to reduce their moisture content to allow for storage of the seed.
This chamber is fitted with a Munters dehumidification system and a refrigeration system to provide consistent conditions of 10% relative humidity and a temperature of 12ºC.
Some of the air from the drying chamber is fed into the packing chamber to provide conditions of 30% RH and 20ºC.
The seed drying chamber is fitted with custom made stainless steel hanging to allow for the hanging of the seed drying bags.

All of the equipment was commissioned early in 2011.  All of this equipment is fitted with a Trend BMS control to allow for fully automatic operation, extensive data-logging and remote monitoring system.  This equipment will assist in the JDW Sugar Mills' sugar cane crop improvement program, which will deliver both increased yields and CCS over the years to come.

It is important to note that Pakistan's total sugar production domestically and often Pakistan needs to import sugar to meet its needs.  Due to this fact, our project in Pakistan will have absolutely no effect on the Australian sugar cane industry.

This project was completed on time and on budget by a team of technicians from Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration Pty Ltd.  Ongoing service and maintenance will now be provided for this installation by Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration Pty Ltd.

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