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Barramundi Gardens Freezer Tunnel Project

The rapid freezer tunnel was designed and constructed to work alongside an Automated Spring Roll Production Machine. The freezer tunnel consists of an oscillating delivery belt, a 4 four tier conveyor system, storage hopper, lifting conveyor, blast freezer evaporator, insulated enclosure, control panel and supporting frames. The product is feed into the tunnel via the oscillating conveyor for a high air velocity four pass freezing cycle of 35 minutes. The system is designed to freeze 2500 spring rolls per hour and the tiered system ensures the rolls are flipped during the freezing process for even cooling.

We have utilised a number of energy saving options with dynamic suction pressure control, electronic thermal expansion valves and secondary condensing defrost. This has achieved significant energy savings and a reduction in carbon emissions.

The flexible design has allowed us to work with the space restrictions of the client facility, avoided expansive and expensive spiral freezer conveyor belts and a modular style solution for ease of maintenance and breakdown management.

All aspects of the tunnel freezer are designed, installed and commissioned in-house to offer an economical, personalized, sustainable cooling solution.

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