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Jackson and Jackson Refrigeration Pty Ltd Produce Cooling System

Jackson and Jackson Refrigeration Pty Ltd has developed a new produce cooling system with the primary aim of reducing the energy costs of cooling and storing tropical produce.  

These systems consist of:

  1. A regular forced draft cooler, fitted with a Danfoss electric expansion valve.
  2. A basic unit which forms the heart of the system.  The basic unit features a high efficiency four cylinder reciprocating compressor which is designed to utilize R-410A refrigerant. The compressor used is a Bock compressor which is manufactured in Germany.  This refrigeration compressor is driven by a Danfoss variable frequency drive to allow the refrigeration system to have variable capacity.  
  3. The third item of equipment is the remote condenser.  This condenser is very generously sized to allow for maximum energy efficiency at times of peak load on the refrigeration system.

When combined, these items of equipment provide a produce cooling solution with the lowest possible energy input.  

The basic unit's sheet metal base, bracketing and control panel are manufactured locally by Jackson and Jackson Metal Industries in Cairns.  The basic units are assembled and prepared in the Jackson and Jackson Refrigeration workshop in Innisfail.  

Many of these produce cooling solutions have now been installed and have been in service for a considerable period of time.  These systems are providing substantial savings in energy costs. 

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