Jackson & Jackson Metal Industries Pty Ltd

Jackson & Jackson Metal Industries manufacture and sell a number of products to aid in the installation of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Shown below are a selection of these products.

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Refrigeration Liquid Line Filter Drier Brackets

These brackets are designed to assist in the installation of liquid line filter driers on refrigeration condensing units. The bracket is designed to fasten the liquid line filter drier to the base of the refrigeration condensing unit in a position to allow for ease of liquid line pipework installation.


  • Constructed from durable, corrosion resistant aluminum.
  • Fixing holes are pre-punched for quick and easy installation.
  • May also be utilized to mount suction accumulators on condensing units.


DBA – Drier Bracket-Aluminium
DBS – Drier Bracket Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel model available upon request. Aluminum units available ex stock.

These brackets are supplied complete with galvanized saddle and saddle screw.

Refrigeration Fan Coil Hanger – Blower Bolt

These “Blower Bolts” are used to hang refrigeration indoor units in coldrooms and freezer rooms are designed.


  • Constructed from corrosion resistant galvanized steel.
  • Reduces installation time of fan coils in coldrooms and freezer rooms when used with coldroom spike tool CRT.


BBG – Blower Bolt–Galvanized
BBS – Blower Bolt-Stainless Steel

Available in Stainless Steel upon request. 100 X 100mm square washer is available separately.

Split Air Conditioning System – Rough-In Plate

This bracket is designed to hold the refrigeration and drainage for split air conditioning system indoor units in the correct position before the wall framework is sheeted on timber or metal framed internal walls.


  • Ensures refrigeration pipework is located in the correct position.
  • Ensures the condensate drain is located in the correct position.
  • Removes the possibility of the services from penetrating the wall sheeting in an incorrect position.
  • Manufactured from galvanized or colourbond sheet steel.

Available in two sizes

Model DRG-1:
Suitable for small indoor units in the
2.0Kw – 4.0Kw class
Model DRG-2:
Suitable for large indoor units in the
5.0Kw – 10.0Kw class

Different sizes and hole spacing available upon request.

Models DR1 and DR2 are primarily designed for use with Daikin packaged air conditioning systems, however may suit other brands.

Stainless Steel Model available upon request.

Extension Ladder Bracket

These brackets are designed to secure the top of extension ladders whilst the ladder is in use. The bracket is intended to be permanently mounted in positions where repeated ladder access is required.


Once installed, the bracket allows for one person to safely climb the ladder without the need for a second person to foot the ladder. The bracket prevents the ladder from moving from side to side or from moving in a downward direction. The bracket is constructed from durable galvanized RHS steel.


LBD – Ladder Bracket-Duragal
LBS – Ladder Bracket-Stainless Steel
LBG – Ladder Bracket – Hot Dip Galvanized

Stainless Steel and Hot Dip Gal models available upon request and are built to order.

Brackets For Split Air Conditioning System Outdoor Units

These brackets are primarily designed to fasten the outdoor units for split air conditioning systems; however they can be employed for many other uses.


  • These brackets are quite easy to install.
  • The wall mounting holes are pre-drilled.
  • The brackets are economical to purchase.
  • A range of different sizes is available to suit a variety of unit sizes.
  • A range of different materials is available to suit different applications.
  • These brackets are corrosion resistant and offer a long service life.
  • Once installed the brackets are mostly concealed behind the outdoor unit, resulting in a neat and tidy installation.


  • 25 X 25 Duragal
  • 25 X 25 Electroplated Stainless Steel
  • 30 X 30 Duragal
  • 30 X 30 Electroplated Stainless Steel
  • 40 X 40 Duragal
  • 40 X 40 Electroplated Stainless Steel


25 X 25 RBG-1 500 X 500h
RBS-1 500 X 500h
30 X 30 RBG-2 550 X 650h
RBS-2 550 X 650h
40 X 40 RBG-3 800 X 800h
RBS-3 800 X 800h

Custom sizes available upon request.

Brackets For Tall Packaged Air Conditioning System
Outdoor Units

These brackets have been designed to secure the top of wall mounted, tall packaged air conditioning outdoor units in the 10.0Kw to 18.0Kw class; however can be used for many various tasks.


  • Quick and easy to install due to pre-punched holes.
  • Durable and corrosion resistant.
  • Attractive stainless steel finish.


TAB-1 Stainless Steel