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Daikin Air Conditioners

Market Leader

Daikin has been providing air conditioning solutions to the Australian market for over 40 years.  As one of the industry’s more trusted names, Daikin air conditioning equipment can be found in homes, offices, hotels and shops.  Daikin is committed to the air conditioning market and has recently established its first full manufacturing facility in Sydney.  When purchasing locally developed units, you are contributing to the Australian economy.

Reliability – 5 year warranty

Reliability is probably top of your list when buying an air conditioning system for your home or business.  Daikin gives you peace of mind and reassurance with their 5 year warranty.  The 5 year Daikin warranty is applicable to domestic and Sky Air products purchased and installed in Australia and New Zealand.  That’s how confident Daikin is about the quality and reliability of its products.

Wise Investment

 When you buy a Daikin air conditioning system, you need to look beyond the initial purchase price to ensure you’re making an investment for the future.  It pays to consider running costs, in conjunction with the potential life of the product.  Daikin systems offer superior build quality and energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency  

Daikin’s continuous drive for improved energy efficiency has seen its advances inverter technology being applied to split, ducted and other systems.  These systems provide a more comfortable environment and offer savings in energy consumption, when compared to non inverter systems.

After Sales Support

Daikin takes pride in providing its customers with effective and efficient after sales support, including readily available spare parts.  Daikin has a large and experienced team of fully qualified service technicians and a wide network of authorized service agents to take on the service demands of the market.