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Apprentice of the Year

Apprentice of the Year


Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration Pty Ltd received three awards at the Skill 360 Australia, Annual 2013 Emplotment and Training Awards held in Cairns on Friday 5 April 2013.

Managing director, Jeff Jackson, proudly accepted the award on behalf of Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration who received the Host Employer Excellence Award for Corporate Social Responsibility of the Year.

Christopher Hayes from the company's Atherton branch received the Mature Age apprentice of the Year Award; and (2012 winner of both the Mature Age Apprentice Award, and Apprentice of the Year Award) Keith Brighton from the company's Innisfail branch received Runner Up Electrical Apprenntice of the Year Award.

Jeff is extremely proud of all of the apprentices who were nominated, five in total; as he is of all of the apprentices employed and hosted by Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration.  Jeff was especially proud of Chris and Keith who took home awards on the night.

Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration have always been firmly committed to the training and development of all of their staff, and especially trade training through apprenticeships.  Since Jeff and Bob Jackson formed their partnership in 1993, they have signed off 36 tradesmen in the refrigeration and electrical trades.  Bob Jackson has personally been involved in the signing off of over 100 tradesmen, which is a remarkable achievement and displays his strong commitment to trades training in Far North Queensland.

Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration enjoy an excellent working relationship with Skill 360, and Skill 360 is a vital partner in Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration's commitment to training local apprentices.

Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration appreciates and values the support of the local clients and businesses who support them in being able to continue to offer apprenticeships.



APPRENTICE of the Year 2012, recipient, Keith Brighton, 51, was thrilled with his award on Friday, 20 April, 2012.  Mr Brighton, 51 was also presented with the Mature Age APPRENTICE of the Year Skill360 Australian Employment and Training Awards at the Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal.


Mr Brighton joined Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration Pty Ltd as a Mature Aged Apprentice at the age of 48.  Bringing a reliable, 'No job is too much trouble', mature attitude to the workplace, Mr Brighton rapidly became a valuable asset to the team.  Mr Brighton's natural ability to implement his knowledge, gave confidence to Management to enable Mr Brighton to take on the role of Site Foreman on a large job site, in the last year of his Apprenticeship.


"Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration would like to congratulate Keith on his win", "It really is a pleasure working with Keith." said, Managing Director, Jeff Jackson.


Mr Brighton, from Innisfail, said "At the age of 8 or 9 during school holidays I was observing a work crew from CREB, now known as ERGON, replacing insulators on Power Poles.  I thought it was really clever how they could stand on extension ladders and using a body belt to be able to change Power Pole Insulators whilst having both hands free to do the job.  Once the work crew departed, I promptly gathered the old insulators left at the bottom of the pole, proceed to climb a tree in the back yard with dad's ladder, length of rope for a body belt and gathered insulators and thought being an Electrician was pretty cool and secretly imagined someday I would do this for real.


"Life's path led me in other directions until I reached 48 years old.  After doing some tough years, it got me to thinking where to next?  I decided that a change of career is soemthing that was needed at that stage of my life and I applied for an Apprenticeship with Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration, 43 years after putting in my first insulator on Dad's farm.  Jackson & Jackson Regrigeration, a Refrigeration and Electrical contracting company based in Innisfail, contacted Skill360 to arrange hosting and I'm still there as a 4th year Electrical Apprentice.


Mr Brighton, also said "I want to encourage the younger people and let them know it's never too late to start an apprenticeship."



Adam Kemble won the Skill360 Mature Age Apprentice of the Year